Get Norton Support: If Norton Slow Your Computer

Undoubtedly Norton has become the brand ambassador of antiviruses since its launch. It is one of the finest products launched by Symantec. It provides excellent security to home and office computer users. Millions of people in the world are using Norton Antivirus Software. Being one of the famous antivirus software applications people have noticed some lag if they have been or started using the product. If compared to other Norton versions, its latest version consume less system resources. It is like a give and take rule, if the user is enjoying pros of any product then he also has to face the cons of it.

Norton Support

Norton Support

Through couple of tests you can check whether your computer is slowing down due to Norton or not? Along with you can also check the solutions of it.

Check CPU Usage

It’s easy to open the Task Manager in Windows computer to check the system resources that a program is using. Press Control + Alt + Delete to open the Windows Security screen and then click on the Task Manager. You will see the CPU usage there and if it is more than 15% then it might slow down the performance of computer. Norton use 0-1% resources while running on background monitoring and around 10-15% while running background scans and it’s more during the manual scan. There is a problem in your site if it is taking more time.

Disable Norton

Norton disable does not allow you to download the files, but to test the speed of your computer you certainly can do it. This option is available under Norton Security Settings, search for “Disable Norton Auto Project”, then run your computer, run programs, or test browsing the web to check whether the computer is running fast without it or not.


Norton consumes more system resources this is the only problem with the product. Either choose a lighter antivirus program which means less protection to your computer or upgrade your computer. Take the Norton Support help to upgrade the system.

Windows Defender: Make sure that Windows Defender is turned off, by double clicking on it you can proceed this. Norton Support is there to help you if facing any issue.

Incompatible Programs: May be that Norton does not compatible with any program or programs. Getting a notification of any installed program can also slow down the speed of your computer.

Antivirus Program: If you have purchased the Norton subscription, consider using it till the subscription ends. Norton is expensive and it sucks to waste the money. But we cannot deny the fact that it is one of the best Antiviruses that meets the requirements of your PC needs. And for the best money does not matter at all. Even the free versions like AVG or Avast does not provide complete protection to the computer until you have purchased their premium version. The lighter programs maintains computer performance but cannot protect them from virus infections and threats.

Upgrading Your Computer: RAM upgrading in the computer is the easiest way to upgrade computer. Check the model and analyze the RAM that it supports to add more. Also check the RAM slots in your CPU, what card it supports and finally search for the upgrade your computer supports. Amongst various brands of Ram available in the market, check for the quality and guaranteed brand.

These are amongst some from number of reasons that your computer is running slow. Taking the Norton Support and Norton 360 Support enables you to resolve the issue quickly.

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